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  1. Y-ME #1 (Comic Book): Young Mutants Everywhere (Y-ME: Young Mutants Everywhere)
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  3. Digital Signal Processing Demystified (Engineering Mentor Series)
  4. Die drei ??? Kids, 38, Stunde der Wahrheit (drei Fragezeichen Kids) (German Edition)
  5. UN CURSO DE FELICIDAD (Spanish Edition)
  6. Chairman of the Fed: William McChesney Martin Jr., and the Creation of the Modern American Financial System: William McChesney Martin Jr., and the Creation of the Modern Federal Reserve System
  7. Searching for Justice: Finding Hope

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He seems to have made plans to immigrate to the west indies, and he brought to fruition his plan to publish some of his already well-received works.

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Financial Stewardship: Experience the Freedom of Turning Your Finances Over to God

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